Focus And Scope

Journal of Applied Cognitive Neuroscience (JACN) is an international scientific journal published in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Aimed at researchers, it is purpose is to disseminate original and unpublished content related to all fields of cognitives neurosciences, from an applied and basic transdisciplinary clinical perspective and with a continuous search for innovation. The topics that comprise this journal are focused on neuroscience applied to the clinic, health, sports, marketing, education, basic sciences, psychophysiology and finally, a miscellaneous area that would cover new topics outside of those presented. 

JACN is a semiannual journal of continuous publication and open access. It is distributed in two editions per year in the periods from January to June and from July to December. The number of articles corresponds to the editorial flow of the journal. More than 60% of the content published is original scientific and academic content. Over 70% of authors are external. JACN is externally refereed by double-blind peers.