Focus  And Scope

Journal of Applied Cognitive Neuroscience (JACN), is a scientific journal published in English, peer-reviewed, continuous edition, permanent call and open space, which aims to disseminate unpublished content related to all fields of cognitive neurosciences, from an applied and basic inter, multi and transdisciplinary clinical perspective and with a continuous search for innovation. The topics that comprise this journal are focused on neuroscience applied to the clinic, health, sports, marketing, education, basic sciences, psychophysiology and finally a miscellaneous area that would cover new topics outside of those presented. The visibility and accessibility of the published scientific articles are available in electronic format in open access, with semi-annual periodicity, continuous publication and it receives applications permanently throughout the year without charging fees. Its publishing institution and sponsorship is in charge of the Universidad de la Costa.
Contributions to the Journal must be original and not published in any other medium, except in the form of summaries of communication to Congresses or other scientific meetings. It is understood that the work sent to the Journal cannot be delivered to another during the period in which the manuscript will be considered by the Editorial Committee of the Journal. Editorials, Reviews, Original Articles (Complete Papers and Brief Communications), Images in Neurosciences, Comments on Books, Comments on Relevant Articles, Letters to the Editor, errata and retractions, received through the Open Journal System (OJS) platform, are accepted. , which must comply with the rigor of the editorial policy that is supported by the principles defined by the COPE Publications Ethics Committee.