DIAN-TU ARGENTINA. A great human story of a small group of people

  • Patricio Chrem-Mendez Memory Center, FLENI
  • Pablo Bagnati Memory Center, FLENI


Alzheimer’s disease is, by far the first, cause of dementia and the more frequent neurodegenerative disease. Considered as a result of multifactorial causes, aging is the main risk factor for the classical form of the disease and because of global aging, a very significant increase in the prevalence is expected in the upcoming decades, especially in countries in development. Several drugs with different targets have been tried so far and, still with no success. Frenzied efforts seeking a new disease-modifying drug are constantly being pursued and innovative models of the clinical trials have emerged. The DIAN initiative studies individuals with known mutations in the deterministic genes of the disease. Autosomal Dominantly Alzheimer Disease (ADAD) showed to be a more predictable model in terms of whom and when will get the disease. This allows testing novel therapeutics agents by choosing the drug according to the biological moment of the disease. But ADAD is also a uniquely human story full of courage and hope. The DIAN trial has started in Argentina and a new anti-tau age has begun as well.

Keywords: DIAN-TU Argentina, ADAD, anti-tau, Taco Pozo, FLENI


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