A Variable Speed Synchronous Motor Approach for Smart Irrigation using Doubly Fed Induction Motor


  • Emad Hassan Department of Electronics and Electrical Communications, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Menoufia University, Menouf 32952, Egypt
  • Ahmed S. Oshaba Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, Jazan University, Jizan 45142, Saudi Arabia
  • Dina S. M. Osheba Department of Electrical Engineering, Menoufiya University, Shebin El-kom 32511, Egypt.
  • Mervet A. Shanab Department of Electrical Engineering, Menoufiya University, Shebin El-kom 32511, Egypt.



Palabras clave:

Doubly Fed Induction Motor, Synchronous Motor, Smart irrigation, Steady State Performance


Doubly Fed Induction Motor (DFIM) is a popular machine used in variable speed drives, and its ruggedness, reliability and simplicity of speed control make it a suitable candidate for use in smart irrigation systems. This paper studies and evaluates the performance of DFIM at different operating conditions and shows that it can be viewed as a variable speed synchronous motor. The research results reveal that DFIM can be used to control the flow rate of water in irrigation systems, by adjusting the speed of the motor to match the desired flow rate. A mathematical model has been developed to optimize the performance of the DFIM in smart irrigation systems, taking into account the specific conditions of the application. In addition, an experimental setup was built and tested to enhance the theoretical results, which showed good correlation between the theoretical and experimental results. The results of this research demonstrate the potential of using the DFIM in smart irrigation systems to improve the performance and efficiency of irrigation and to provide better control and lower costs.


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Hassan, E., S. Oshaba, A. ., M. Osheba, D. S. ., & A. Shanab, M. (2023). A Variable Speed Synchronous Motor Approach for Smart Irrigation using Doubly Fed Induction Motor. INGE CUC, 19(2). https://doi.org/10.17981/ingecuc.19.2.2023.02